Sam Schwartz

PhD Candidate

Department of Computer Science, University of Oregon
Office: Deschutes 207 - C
Curriculum Vitae: PDF (September 2023)


Sam Schwartz is a PhD candidate in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Oregon.
Sam is advised by Dr. Steve Fickas and Dr. Boyana Norris.

Sam's research interests

I do two things:
  1. I work with a variety of domain scientists to create enabling tools and technologies in their field. These tools are usually driven by complex machine learning or graph-theoretical algorithms. I also work with scientists to do statistical analysis of (usually messy) domain-specific datasets.

    Areas where I have publicized work include the domain of theoretical mathematics, scientific visualization, student sense of belonging, ecology, supercomputing memory management, and more.

  2. I do empirical quantitative analysis of research software engineering projects, particularly in the advanced scientific computing space. This is my PhD dissertation work. I'm asking questions like, "Just how many scientific software projects are out there? (Especially government-funded projects?) What do they look like? How do they compare to other types of software? Based on these kinds of analyses, what are the tools we can create to enable and support developers of scientific software?"
My dog, Chico!

Sam's passions

Educational Background